Monday, May 3, 2010

The Secret Year

I've heard some buzz about The Secret Year on some of the book blogs that I follow. It is Jennifer Hubbards' debut novel and I love supporting new authors!

Colt and Julia secretly dated for a year. Colt is from the flats and Julia lives in a mansion on Black Mountain Road. They hid their romance for an entire year without anyone finding out their secret. Everything is fine until Julia dies in a car accident right before her senior year begins. Colt has to go on as if this tragedy doesn't effect his life. He mourns her privately until Julia's journal turns up. Julia documented their relationship in the journal. Colt now is obsessed with the journal to see how Julia really felt about him. He keeps looking for answers to his questions, but the one question that no one can answer is how will he ever get over someone who wasn't his to begin with.

The was a very short read, and that really worked. I didn't need to be any longer than what it was. It was so interesting that Hubbard write from the male's POV considering she is female. Even though during some scenes I questioned whether a boy would really handle the situation the same, she made it work. Pick up this book and support a debut author!

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