Monday, June 29, 2009

I love new things!

I went shopping with Robert yesterday and picked up two wonderful things!

First, we went to find me some new runing shoes. We ended up at Fleet Feet and I went throught their whole Fitology process. The taped me runing on the treadmill and measured my feet to help me finf the perfect fit for me. If you need new shoes, I HIGHLY recommend this place. It was SO helpful! I am so excited about my shoes and can't wait to hit the pavement tomorrow. Hopefully, since I spent a good amount of money on them, I will have more motivation to run daily.

Afterwards, we went Target to look for bookshelves. I didn't get the one I want for the living room, but I DID get a perfect case for my bedroom. Before, I had a ton of books all over my living room. It had gotten out of control. I was in DIRE need of this book case. I also went to Peir 1 to look for an accent peice for the book case. I found this one for $4!!


  1. Yay for new stuff!! I went through a similar process at Track Shack here in Birmingham, and it is AMAZING how much having the right shoes improves your workout!

    I was running in Nike Shox for the longest time and I could only run maybe 1/3rd of a mile before my knees, hips, and back would start aching really bad. I got fitted into asics and I was immediately able to run longer and further just because I finally got the right arch support.

    Also... nice book case! Love it!

  2. So where did you get the shoes from? I need to go through Fitology process, because I know I have some bad feet!! The bookshelf is nice and even better that you got it at a great price.