Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling out of sorts

I woke up this morning with a bad attitude. My head and body felt like I'd been wrestling with a grizzly bear all night. I had every intention in the world to get up and go to the gym for spin class. Of course, that didn't happen. I just could not get it together this morning.

Last month I started taking prescribed medicine for PMDD, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. The dosage is really small, but it does seem to be helping. Today though, I'm feeling the symptoms big time. I have no motivation to do...anything. I've been moody and emo and just out of sorts. I've only been taking the meds the week before and during my period. I may need to start taking them everyday so that they can stay in my system.

The funny thing is that the natural treatment for PMDD is eating right and exercising. This makes so much sense, but when your symptoms have you craving all sorts of food and not wanting to get out of the bed to exercise, it's kind of hard. I think I need to start setting goals for myself to help get this under control. This week (what's left of it) I plan to work out the next 2 days and to eat better. I also plan to start back working out at least 5 days a week. I decided to give up sodas and desserts for Lent. ::insert gasp here:: I'll keep you updated on my journey. Hopefully I can get a handle on this and not be dependent on my meds.

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