Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shakespeare's Landlord

Charlaine Harris hooked me on her Sookie Stackhouse (TrueBlood) series. I read those books so fast that I was mad at myself for not savoring them. Since then, I've been meaning to read Harris's other series to see if they are just as good. I began collecting books from both the Lily Bard series and the Harper Connelly series. Yesterday, I picked up Shakespeare's Landlord, the first book in the Lily Bard Mystery Series.

Lily Bard has a new life in Shakespeare, Arkansas. She is working as a cleaning lady in the small town. She lays low, hoping to escape her past.

One night, Lily discovers the dead body of her landlord. Soon, suspicions begin to fall on her. If she doesn't solve this murder mystery then her past may be discovered and her life will fall apart. Or end.

This was a short book. I read it while subbing at a high school, so it's a quick read. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't as good as the Sookie Series. I figured out who the murderer was before Lily did, so there was no surprise. I am interested to see where Lily's love life takes her, so I will probably read the next book.


  1. I've got a few books from the Harper Connelly series but I haven't read them yet. From what I understand, the SVM (Sookie series) is by far the best of her series books

  2. I'm glad you read this one! I've been wanting to pick it up for a while...glad to know you liked it.